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Group Feature: Friends of Waiwhakareke

The Waiwhakareke Natural Heritage Park was established in 2004 with the long-term aim of reconstructing the natural forest, wetland and lake ecosystems present in pre-European times. Intensive predator control will allow vulnerable species to flourish in an urban environment and spill over to other parts of the city. Tui 2000 Inc has been a partner in the Park since the beginning and runs the Friends of Waikwhakareke. Working bees are held on the last Saturday of the month and attract between 12 and 30 people. 

Planting of the 60-hectare park is well underway with over half of the Park planted. Thousands of hours of volunteer effort and scientific study have gone into the project to date.  The project is a partnership between Waikato University, Wintec, Tui 2000 and Hamilton City Council and is managed by the Hamilton City Council's Parks and Open Spaces Unit.


Waiwhakareke Natural Heritage Park