Waikato Biodiversity Waikato Biodiversity

Community Group Feature: Pukawa Wildlife Management Trust

Bird song in the bush, and the rare native white mistletoe growing on their host trees are signs that biodiversity is flourishing in Pukawa, at the southern end of Lake Taupo.

New, bright and colourful interpretation signs tell the locals and visitors to Pukawa how the biodiversity is being protected by local community volunteers the Pukawa Wildlife Trust.

Signs at the entrances to the local walk ways show photos of the flora and fauna you may see on your walk, of their threats, and of the defence and monitoring systems you will also see along the way eg. DOC 200’s, and tracking tunnels.

The story of the rare white mistletoe is also told on a large sign down by the lake where the mistletoe grows. It explains that mistletoe grows here due to the local’s trapping efforts and lots of interesting facts about the plant!