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Climbing asparagus
Climbing asparagus

Restoration Tips: Weedbusters

The Weedbusters website had been given a fresh new update and has heaps of useful information on weed pest management and control.  For control of Climbing asparagus

1. Dig out tubers. Dispose of at a refuse transfer station, burn or bury. Other plant material can be left on site to rot down.

2. Weed wipe: glyphosate (333ml /L), no penetrant. Total coverage not required. 

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3. Spray (spring-early summer only): glyphosate (20ml/L). Do not add penetrant when spraying against tree trunks. Spray lightly, avoiding runoff, total coverage not required.
4. Spray (autumn and winter in frost free areas and on healthy growth): glyphosate (10ml/L). Infestations of plants taller than 60cm should be cut at a height of 30-60cm then this lower vegetation can be carefully sprayed. The remaining cut material will die without the need for treatment. Spot spray any missed plants within 30-60 days.